Friday, December 31, 2010


You know what everyone does on New Years?

Starts a blog and says they are gonna post an entry EVERY DAY.

You know what i'm doing?

Starting a blog and saying i'm going to post every day.
Which is pretty ridiculous if you think about it.  No one, I mean NO ONE's life is so interesting that they should talk about it every day.  But i'm not very different from anyone else, and thus saying, I am sadly incredibly self obsessed.  So here's my little blog.
I think that this might be kind of cool though.  You see, the last couple of months I have been through A LOT, and found out a lot about myself.  Looking back, I kind of wish I would have tracked this whole process i've been going through.  So that's what i'm doing now.  There's a good chance that 2011 will be boring for me, though.  If that's the case, i'm sorry.
Eventually, i'll talk about the things that REALLY make me who I am.  People, places... all that jazz.  But right now i'm just going to talk about what I learned today.

 Today,as I was driving to my mom's to celebrate New Years,  I lost control of my car.  I spun across the whole road (from left to right) and landed in a ditch.  It was the scariest thing that's ever happened to me.  But the craziest thing is, is that on busy 35E, there were no cars around me.  I safely(ish) went in the ditch.  No other accidents happened, and I didn't die.  Also, the tow truck was able to pull me out of the ditch and I drove away from the whole thing!  It was a miracle! So here's what I learned today-

God has my back,  He really, REALLY loves me, because I totally should have died today, but I didn't.  God rocks.  Talk to you tomorrow.