Wednesday, June 1, 2011


So I started my internship in Kenoooooosha yesterday.

I like saying Kenooooosha like that. I just feel like its right.

I drove for like six and a half hours all by my lonesome.

It was really windy, and there was lots of construction.
But it was good.

And then I got here and started freaking out, because this church looks big and scary from the outside. And I didn't know anyone hahaha. And I just drove for six hours and was super tired. I totally starting panicking in the parking lot. I almost turned around and drove home. I'm still half considering it lol. Not really.

But then I got inside, literally forcing myself to go in, and I met the staff, and they're super cool. And then Pastor Jon, the pastor i'm interning for, took me and another intern to a Cub's game. It was pretty sweet. We went with this Pakistani guy named Shak, and he took us to this Pakistani restuarant. We ate this crazy food- it was super spicy. Anyways, I didn't get back to my host home til like midnight, and I woke up and came straight back to the church. So I haven't really had time to process anything.

It kinda scares me that i'm going to be here for so long. It's crazy intimidating. It's not like I miss my fam and friends now, but it's the fact that I won't see them for a couple months that kinda blows my mind, makes me scared.....

but whatevskis! It's gonna be good. I'm gonna learn a lot. But yeah, if you're reading this, give me a call or something. Chances are i'll miss you. I'm not gonna post this or anything, so no one probably WILL see this, but nonetheless....

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