Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A great night

Tonight was a great night.

I stinkin preached at youth group!

And I didn't totally SUCK!

I know I didn't do super, by any means....
but I got my message across.

And I wasn't a nervous wreck.

Which was incredibly affirming- the fact that I got to speak into the lives of these students that I LOVE, and I didn't SUCK- it makes me realize that this is exactly where God wants me... and whats more, i'm doing something RIGHT.

Or rather, God is doing something right IN me.....

I was super thankful for this opportunity. I hope that those kids understood God's passionate love for them, and how it's our responsibility to show it to others.

I hope they'll understand that.

Another thing, is that my family came.
I don't know what that means, but it was super cool to be able to have them there for the first time I preached.

And Jeramy, and Jon Sanchez, and Roy were there. Jeff texted me to wish me good luck. It was just one of those amazing, affirming nights.

Thank you Lord.

Just a little thing....
I think that I wish I got to really hang out with Roy sometimes. Like, on wednesdays, he's always spending time with other people, and he has super great relationships with them.

And I think it bugs me because I feel like we don't spend a lot of genuine time together, except during our meetings. And i'm not really sure where our relationship stands. It frustrates me, to be honest.

But those are just my insecurities.......

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